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In retrospect, I’ve had a camera in my hands since high school. I loved taking pictures throughout college, more for history than to make beautiful art, but fast forward to 2012 when I purchased my first DSLR to capture CrossFit photos. I thought CrossFit pictures were the bees knees and practiced my creative outlet in that setting. It would have been nice if someone had told me that it’s actually the hardest type of photography to practice, because they are always in really dark environments, people are moving fast, and you don’t have control of the situations. The silver lining is that all other types of photography I’ve practiced since then have been significantly smoother learning transitions.

I’m still learning new things, being challenged, and most importantly having fun! In the process of studying photography more seriously, I started to branch out to other types of projects – portraits, weddings, children & families, couples, engagements, maternity and newborns.

I love capturing raw emotions, love, and laughter.  Translating moments of people’s lives into a story that they didn’t realize was happening.



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